[ Spring 2014 ]

You are Not Here at the
Cities Art Forum, Bennington

The interactive design installation You are Not Here was exhibited at the Cities Art Forum in Bennington College, Vermont

[ Fall 2013 ]

Digital Sanctuaries NYC

"Digital Sanctuaries is an urban soundwalk combining the original music of Electric Kulintang (Susie Ibarra and Roberto Rodriguez) with the visual art of Makoto Fujimura and interaction design by Shankari Murali."

[ Spring 2013 ]

You are Not Here

You are Not here is an ethnographic research study that seeks to represent urban spaces through a spectrum of lenses.

[ Spring 2012 ]

Global Music Orchestra

Global Music Orchestra is a project that seeks to formalize, institutionalize and immortalize hyper-local forms of music and make them available across the globe by transcribing these forms of music into popular notation systems

[ Fall 2011 ]

Sound to See

"Sound to See" is a project that seeks to examine and explore, through sound, ways of communicating the presence of 'mute' elements in a space, thereby enabling people to better navigate it.

[ Fall 2012 ]


"Biomodd is a collaborative art project conceived to challenge presumed notions of opposition between nature and technology in different cultures throughout the world. In Biomodd, nature and technology are not juxtaposed but rather fused into imaginative hybrid installations." - Angelo Vermeulen

[ Fall 2012 ]

Emergent Matrix

Inspired by NY Mag's Approval Matrix, the emergent matrix offers a dynamic, interactive environment to collect data from the collective.

[ Fall 2012 ]

Image Averaging

The objective was to build an automated system that would download a large quantity of data using tools like curl, regex and OpenFrameworks and then represent this data in interesting ways.

[ Fall 2012 ]

A Poem Deconstructed

The intent of this project is to reflect on how we perceive, interpret, translate and transfer knowledge. It questions the extent to which an author has control over the reader’s understanding and interpretation of his work.

[ Spring 2012 ]

Ethnicities in a Megacity

"Ethnicities in a Megacity" seeks to observe and examine how immigrant communities living in New York represent themselves and offer visual cues to their identities - be it through colors, names, music, architecture, dialects, language, religious institutions or clothes, among many others.

[ Fall 2011 ]

From Bombay to New York

"From Bombay to New York" seeks to examine and highlight similarities in the way the urban mass in Bombay and New York perform in the two megacities

[ Fall 2011 ]


The flex-board is an interactive musical instrument that is created using flex or bend sensors. Each sensor corresponds to a particular note. The instrument is built using Processing, an Arduino and multiplexers.

[ 2008 - 2010 ]

Infosys Technologies Limited

Software Training and Development in C, C++, Core JAVA and J2EE Programming, Oracle, PL/SQL, Struts Programming and Web/Application servers


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